Can you win this exciting race around the World? Choose your own transportation, to travel the globe with up to 3 friends. Back in London first? You win! Be the fastest globetrotter and experience adventures enduring wild animals, sharks, volcano's, earth quakes and tycoons. Travel the continents and experience beautiful cities & buildings, unsuspected cultures and awe-inspiring nature & animals.

Keep score collection stamps in your passport.

Choose your difficulty level: adults and children can finally play together!

With over 1.500 adventurous questions about cities, landmarks, nature, animals and culture.

Unexpected adventures make the game even more exciting.

Over 100 minutes of film and hundreds of photos and drawings.

All questions have multiple answers to choose from - so you can even take a guess if you don't know the answer.

Not just trivia-based, but also "look" ans "listen" questions.

Every answer is accompanied by an informative explanation so you can learn while you play.